Jun 1, 2011

My BFF, Pier And Other Info

Hey peoples :D. The school year is ending and I've been abandoned by Maya. Thanks Maya* :( No, she isn't leaving me forever but she's left me to fend for my self for a week and a day.... DOESN'T MY LIFE SUCK?!! *insert falsely realistic sobs here*  ((Didn't that totally make sense?))
I wanted to address a few things; I won't be able to post during the summer. I might, but I'm not entirely sure. I will try to squeeze a post between this one and before I leave.
Another thing is don't you hate when people abandon you? I go to an international school so people come and go all the time. During the 4 years I've been here I've had about 8 best friends, and I'm not the type of person who has 10,000 best friends at a time. I'm very choosy about who I hang out with. Wow... that made me sound shallow.... Anyway, I've had to make other arrangements for BFF's. I now have a new BFF, Pier. :P Haha, he'll be my BFF for a week (actually 2 days because I only have classes with him on Monday and Wednesday) Whatever. Back to the point, loads of people are leaving :( Like a close friend of mine, who I've know since the day I started at my school, is moving. :( I'LL MISS YOU ELISE! :'( Loads of other people are leaving but I can't remember who right now so I'll say goodbye in my next post. But for now, <3 and good luck in your new school :)

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