Jun 23, 2011


Pottermore Logo
Ignore my 90's talk :) and let's get to business. POTTERMORE! Unless you've been living in a cave or in jail (You see what I did there? I get it if you don't. It's a really obscure Glee reference :P) for the past week, you know that JKR,  our beloved writer, whose priority is pen and paper, has just announced something. There are so many commas in that sentence... Anyway, I won't tell you what. You have to go to the YouTube channel 'JKRowlingAnnounces' Link will be at the bottom. See, I make it semi-easy for you. :D
But Pottermore won't be open until October but they have 1,000,000 beta-user spots that you can get on July 31st, (Which is Harry and Jo's {and Joey Richter's}birthday) so try and get on of those. I cannot wait until October. It's gonna be a blast.
PS: Everything I say I heard from MuggleCast, which I watched live tonight! IT WAS EPIC!

JKR's channel: http://www.youtube.com/JKRowlingAnnounces
And listen to MuggleCast. They rock and it's free: mugglecast.com

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