May 21, 2011

Starship Review

Hey peoples :) Sorry I haven't posted recently. I was in Bali the 1st week of May and then I caught typhoid there so I had to stay at the hospital for another week and this week I had school so I'm sorry.

So, as you might know, Starship premiered on YouTube on April 30th and I still haven't said anything about it! I've seen it about 3 times already and I love it! They finally got mics! The puppets were beautiful and everyone was amazing. I question why we haven't really heard Dylan Saunders voice before now?! 'The Way I Do' and 'Kick It Up A Notch' are really, really, really good and I've been replaying them since I got them on my iPod 2 weeks ago. TOOTSIE NOODLES! :D
Joey Richter was also amazing, he says no to status quo :P The dude will be content to resent the status quo for dead god sakes! Sorry, I'm listening to the Starship album as I write this. The thing I don't understand is how February and Bug got together in the end. SHE DIDN'T DESERVE HIM!!!!!! At least we have Tootsie-Noodles/MegaGirl. But Up/Taz never actually became canon :( And I heard that they edited out the Krayonder/Specs I was really sad :( :(. Stuff like this really makes me wish I saw it live.
But the 3 new Starkids were wow. When I heard new people were coming on board I though 'There's no way that they'll fit in' but I was proved really wrong. 1st off Brant Cox is perfect and wonderful how I'd hoped he'd be (Sorry, listening to 'The Way I Do') Roach is a really solid character and Brant's voice is really impressive. Meredith Stepien is not exactly new (she was in 'Little White Lie') but LWL was pre-Starkid. MegaGirl :D Denise Donovan was funny as February and she seems like a really good person but she kind of failed during 'The Way I Do' (The YouTube version, the version that's available for download she was good in)
I've decided that if I could play any character I'd play Brian Holden's character, Junior. I know he's a guy and blahblahblah but I don't care! He gets the 'Kick It Up A Notch' reprise and he's the bad guy! If I had to play a female character it would be February. She seems like an easy character to play. I would say Taz as well but I wouldn't want to be compared to Lauren Lopez and I can't do a Spanish accent.
Aside from the actors the plot was a little scattered. It starts with Bug wanting to be a Starship Ranger and ends with everyone singing in harmony, typical. The plot does get a little confusing at times but you've gotta hand it to them. It's there 1st outside-of-school play and they did really well.
Some people really shined during the play. Brant Cox (Roach), Dylan Saunders (Tootsie Noodles and Pincer), Lauren Lopez (Taz and Buggette), Nick Lang (Mr. Bug, The Caller Bug, and One of Pincer's Claws). Yes I know, Nick's parts were really small but he really got into it. The way he puppeteers is incredible.
I'm off to watch Starship again!

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