May 1, 2011

My Amazing Fic That You Should Read :)

Hey everyone :) I wanted to let you know that I've wrote a fan-fic on and I would love it if you guys would read it. It's a Glee fic and it's an OC, Jesse, Rachel fic. The OC's name is Alexis and she's Rachel's twin sister. The 1st story called, The Life and Times of Alexis Berry, is going to go with the 2nd half of season 1 (from Hell-O to Journey to Regionals) and the sequel (name TBD) will be all of season 2. I would really love it if you guys read and reviewed. If you don't have an account it's ok, you can review anonymously. Thanks guys!
The link to the 1st chapter
The link to my profile
<3 S


  1. it was very good, just saying (i know you don't want me to comment on your stuff, but still ^^)

  2. You can comment, I just didn't want the comment on 'Siriusly' to be from you or Val.