Sep 25, 2011

Life Update

I know that no one reads this blog, but I just felt bad about ignoring it for a while. So here are a few things that happened to me:
  • Tumblr!!! (Just look at my last post)
  • The new episode of Glee, "The Purple Piano Project". I give it a B-
  • I got into Pottermore. It's not all that great. But I got Sorted into Slytherin! I'm stuck on the chapter where you have to do Alohamora
  • I'm reading John Green books. I've read "An Abundance Of Katherine's" and almost done with "Paper Towns"
  • And I'm now a NerdFighter! Yayyyyyyy! :)
  • School is back in session and I have loads of homework I should be doing right now
  • I'm listening to old episodes of "Hogwarts Radio", because I'm just that obsessed
  • But right now I'm listening to the latest episode of "MuggleCast"
  • I spilled some water on some fried yams but I unsogified them in the oven before I could get in trouble
  • I'm in the middle of writing a prequel the a fanfiction of mine
  • I had pizza and a tuna sandwich for breakfast today
  • And I need to go do homework now

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