Aug 10, 2011

My SMFAH Summer! (And Other Schnitzel)

Greetings everyone! Miss me? I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog, I love seeing where everyone is from. It just blows my mind. (though I would love more comments ;)) I have a few (that's a lie) updates:
Yes I did change the title of the blog. SQ's Page is quite boring, and I like the current title more.
I is trying to write a HP8 review, which was awesome, but that isn't working out all that well. It's super long and all that jazz, so I'm not sure if I should publish it.
My fan-fic writing is going well, but I'm not continuing Life and Times. I'll be releasing one more chapter and that's it. I'm not proud of it at all. The writing is very amateur and Lexi is too much of a Mary-Sue. But read My Beautiful Girl and I Will Rejoin You. Those are quite good *nods* So after this, read 'em!
POTTERMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IN!!!! I only got 2 hours of sleep that day. Luckily I was at my step-mom's house, and I could find some wi-fi floating around. If you need to find me I am FelicisPhoenix122. I love my name. I got in on the 3rd day, which means I'll be actually getting in around the 24th of August. I CAN'T WAIT! (this actually happened during my summer vacation, so it's relevant to the title)
I GOT TO SEE DAN RADCLIFFE ON BROADWAY! It was so effing good. I waited after the show and didn't get his autograph :'(. Well there were about ten bazillion people waiting. Ugh, it was so hot. Anyway, I'm going to be seeing it again when Dare-Bear is on! YAY!
I also got my ears pierced, that was fun. And I saw my baby sister, who is not an actual baby,  but is seven years younger than me. I convinced her that Pigfarts and Rumbleroar is real. I love tricking little kids. :D I'm so evil. I miss her! Soon she'll be all old and stuff and I won't be able to put her on my lap. *sigh* Farah, if you are reading this (though I doubt it because you still need to learn how to read.) LESSTHANTREE!!!!!
OOOOOOOOOOO, and the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company just released new merch. Mom, prepare to have your wallet raided. :D
That is all (for now anyway)
~S (lessthantree; yes I spelled it like that on purpose)

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  1. your summer was way more fun than mine...and you sound very nerdy going on about fan fics and pottermore but that's ok :D i think pier was very amused by our bus think? :D <3