Apr 22, 2011


I'm sorry for those people who actually read my blog that I'm not posting. I don't think anyone actually reads it. If you do, comment, so I won't delete this blog/stop posting. I know that most of the people that read the blog only want my 'Supermegafoxyawesomehot' picture that was once my profile pic. If one person actually does read this blog that isn't named Maya P. or Val F. comments I will continue the blog. I'm being serious. :/
~S :(


  1. We, the Harry Potter crew, like your blog ! :D

  2. Hi, I'm a blogger from another 'Sultana's blog'. I've been blogging for 7-8 years now. On and off and quite regular nowadays. I don't give a hoot whether people read my post or comment on my blog.

    Blog for the love of blogging and not blog to fish comments or gain popularity. If you like blogging continue, if you don't then stop.

  3. @Cho: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks! <3
    @Other Sultana: I was kind of weird-ed out when I saw "Sultana commented on your blog" but thanks. I see what you mean. I do enjoy blogging a lot, and I'm going to continue. But it does really make me happy when I know someone else has read my work. PS: I love your name :P
    Thanks guys :) <3