Mar 11, 2011

ISTA: The Aftermath

Hey ISTA! Hey what?
The program
Haha... Why aren't you laughing? Oh yeah, you weren't there! I truly feel bad for you. It was an amazing experience. The workshops were hardcore (though we only took one session for each) Most of the time was spent with our ensemble (it means group, in case you didn't know) We had to make up an original 4-5 minute skit based on our theme in 2 days.  Anyway, our theme was comedy. And here comes the twist: incited of having one 4-5 minute block we were going on between everyone else's performance! Yes, I know that was a horrible run-on sentence. :) It's too hard to explain the rest. The final performance was EPIC though :) That doesn't mean we didn't fail. One of out skits included a french horn and since it was outside and at night the french horn player didn't see the visual cues. Fail.
Other than the final performance we did this storytelling-around-the-fire thing on the 1st night and a dance on the 2nd. Remember how I said that I was worried about host housing? Well, I had no reason to be worried. The people that hosted me were wonderful. :) They were so nice. They took us to the beach on our 1st night. I was also roomed with a fellow JISian who was in the grade above be and I didn't know well. But now I do, she really cool and I'm glad I got to know her. Out host school was called Hale. I love how much focus they put on the arts. I wish more schools were like that. The kids from the other schools were cool as well. I met some people from Bangkok who were coolio :)  Some of the kids from my ensemble were awesome (I know how much I'm over using that word)  I made one of them my pretend brother :D
The flights were 6 hours, including the stop, and they were super fun. All 21 of us sat in the back and it was the best! I could write pages on what we did but I won't. Sorry :-P 
That's my ISTA recap and I haven't even covered 1/3 of what happened. I hoped you liked it. If anything like ISTA is available to you, go!
Hugs and butterfly kisses,
~S <3


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