Jan 6, 2011

LeakyCon 2011

I MIGHT BE GOING TO LEAKYCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to my awesome dad! I know that he's doing something that he wouldn't do for anyone else. He really hates Harry Potter. I know *gasp!* :) I really can't wait!!! *Spaz* I do hope I go. It'll be really fun. I really want to meet Team Starkid/makers of AVPM. And I've wanted to go to 'The Wizarding World of HP' since it opened. SLYTHERIN PRIDE! (yes I think that I would be in Slytherin) I have a plan about 'WWOHP' which you can read about in a post I'll write soon. :-P
And more good news is that it's the weekend of the last HP film. Listening to Wizard Rock live would be cool. I have lots of 'Draco and the Malfoys' songs on my iPod. Listen to them! I'm getting off topic. So all in all I might be going to Orlando.Wish me luck!

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